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Post-Amputation Pain and Phantom Limb Pain


What is Post-Amputation Pain?

Post-amputation pain is a poorly understood, yet common, condition that causes significant
disability and can be difficult to treat. Amputation pain occurs in approximately 60 to 70% of
patients, often arising weeks or months after a limb has been removed due to accident, injury, or
disease. (1-2) Pain following an amputation may develop as either residual limb pain, phantom
limb pain, or phantom limb sensation. (3)

• Residual limb pain – pain or discomfort experienced in or at the stump of the amputated limb
• Phantom limb pain – pain or discomfort felt to be coming from […]

Using Prosthetic Limbs: Safety, Care, and Concerns


When an arm or other extremity is amputated or lost, a prosthetic device, or prosthesis, can play an important role in rehabilitation. For many people, an artificial limb can improve mobility and the ability to manage daily activities, as well as provide the means to stay independent.

Prostheses Parts and Types

There is a wide variety of prostheses that are designed to function — and in many cases look — like a natural arm, leg, hand, or foot. Although there are many different designs, most have similar parts. These include:

 A socket into which the stump of the amputated limb fits
 The […]

Adaptive Golf Clinic


Saturday’s at 11:00am until Sunday at 12:30pm

Sharp Rehabilitation Center Recreation Therapy presents a golf clinic for individuals with physical challenges, which will be led by PGA teaching professional John Klein. John has more than 30 years of experience teaching golf to individuals with physical limitations. The current participants in the clinic have a range of disabilities including stroke, brain injury and other limitations. The group enjoys meeting weekly, socializing and playing a round of golf. John is very patient and eager to help anyone who is interested in playing the game of golf. For […]