Mathew Rios, patient testimonial

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1471743_604359409637176_217126568_n“RGP saved my life, lets just say a long time ago I lost my leg and prosthetic someone gave me well it just wasn’t working. And one I came across some info on little Prosthetic workout camp so my step-pop and I headed out to this event and wow the stuff that everyone was wearing was awesome, and for someone that was just there to look around I found myself getting involved I even got to run in a race with Oscar Pistorius . In the background there was a man his name was Tom AKA Doctor Daddy lol he came up to me and my step Dad and just started taking next thing you know he asked us to come down to his place RGP . Well how do I say this Tom and his crew through together a leg and just gave it to me im pretty sure nobody has ever been more awesome than the team at RGP to someone whom they have never meet. But that day IM SURE GLAD WE MET… Thank you for making my life possible and as normal as can be.” -Matthew Rios

Mathew currently resides in Tustin, Orange County and enjoys his life as an artist in a fast pace ink shop, Platinum INK.