Advanced Materials

Chief Prosthetist and second generation owner, Thomas Guth, C.P., pioneered the use of FLEXIBLE thermoplastics for prosthetic sockets to promote muscle activity in the residual limb. If the residual limb is contained in a hard socket, it tends to atrophy, whereas the soft, flexible socket allows remaining muscle tissue to grow and become STRONGER and equally distribute the patients weight over the prosthesis.

The light weight design provides maximum mobility and allows us to create an anatomically correct, air-tight FIT. Because we know every patient is different, we have many different types of plastics to choose from that vary in flexibility enabling us to pursue different material options to reach OPTIMUM COMFORT for each patient.

As part of our FIT process, each socket is custom-made and stabilized in a durable, lightweight carbon-fiber frame. Because putting a flexible socket in a hard frame tends to induce atrophy of the muscle, we cut "windows" around the frame to avoid a bone spur or tissue damage. Just as each flexible socket is custom made, so is the design of the frame. Through frequent COMMUNICATION with the patient, we are able to CUSTOMIZE exactly how the frame will be designed. Call or write RGP today to request a consultation.