The C-Leg ®

With the C-Leg®, amputees can finally walk without thinking about how to walk! This innovative knee joint features on-board sensor technology that reads and adapts to the individual’s every move. By using special software and a PC, fine adjustments can be made to tailor the C-Leg® to the amputee. Angles and moments are measured 50 times per second ensuring the dynamic gait is as similar to natural walking as possible. Amputees can move on flat terrain at different gait speeds with confidence. And thanks to the hydraulic stance control feature, it’s easier to tackle slopes, stairs and other uneven surfaces.

The C-Leg® is designed for use with a variety of foot, pylon and adapter options. The 3C100 C-Leg® is suitable for a broad spectrum of lower limb amputees and can be used by extremely mobile individuals, as well as those who need additional stance stability. According to the Otto Bock Classification System, the C-Leg® is recommended for lower limb amputees weighing up to 220 lbs. (100 kg) who have a moderate or higher (Level 2 or 3) functional level. The lithium-Ion battery loaded in the knee provides enough energy to operate the C-Leg® for a full day (25-30 hours). Call or write RGP today to learn more about the C-Leg®.