The RGP Socket

This revolutionary new design follows the true anatomical shape of the above knee amputees residual limb and is attached by SUCTION rather than bulky straps. By containing the Ischium Bone (seat bone), the amputee is able to walk in a true line of progression while maintaining proper movement of the femur through all phases of the gait cycle. This is achieved by allowing the ischial tuberosity to sit down inside the socket creating a three point contact FIT with the ischial tuberosity, greater trochanter and the entire shaft of the femur.

Held on by suction, the locking system provides GREATER STABILITY AND MOBILITY because of the anatomically correct fit. Its natural shape and design along with the flexible socket materials allows amputees maximum mobility without liners and straps. Mr. Guth took CAT-CAM a step further by designing the CAT-CAM HDTM socket for patients with a hip-disarticulation amputation. This special flexible socket design is anatomically correct and sculpted around the hip to rest gently above the hip bone. Two Velcro straps are used to connect the two sides of the socket, thus eliminating the use of heavy belts and straps. The CAT-CAM HD. socket provides greater stability under load-bearing activities while the contoured flexible FIT PROVIDES COMFORT.

Mr. Guth then developed a spring loaded hip joint which assists in propelling the hip joint forward, initiating movement from the knee and ankle joint. This system allows amputees to walk in a straight line of progression while maintaining proper positioning through all phases of the gait cycle. Below knee amputees benefit from this technology because of the contoured fit that equally distributes their weight over the prosthesis. With various types of suspension to choose from, we have several options to pursue when it comes to attaching the prosthesis securely with an air-tight fit.

The key ingredient to any prosthesis is the FIT—FUNCTIONALLY INSPIRED TECHNOLOGY. We have spent 60 years researching new ways to help amputees become more active and applying appropriate technology for each amputee. By utilizing advanced materials, innovative designs and proper componentry, we have the technology to provide amputees with prosthetics that FIT their lifestyles. Call or write RGP today to schedule a consultation.