The Upper Extremity

Our trained and qualified practitioners have FIT various levels of upper-extremity limb loss for ages ranging from 3 months to 70 years. With complete knowledge of the intricacies of the Utah and Myoelectric arms, most of our patients prefer these devices. The easy natural operation of the battery-powered technology converts the electrical signal from a muscle contraction into a mechanical signal which triggers the open and close movement of the hand with the benefit of a natural appearance.

The arm is suspended with suction and an advanced socket design using the same thermoplastic flexible sockets we use for lower extremity patients. Depending on the level of amputation, we will use lightweight Dacron straps for secondary suspension. This support allows for GREATER FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT and depends on the natural signal from the muscle to activate the hand dexterity. The suspension methods eliminate the patient needing to use shoulder movements to operate the open and close features of the hand and provides natural dexterity and the ability to clasp and hold objects with ease.

Because of the high degree of functionality and aesthetically pleasing appearances, the Myos are becoming increasingly popular as users become more familiar with the operation. Call RGP today to request a consultation.