James Grace, patient testimonial

“Heaven sent. I had been going to another prosthetic facility here in San Diego and was getting very frustrating results so much so I had given up on trying to walk. Seeing others have success I knew there had to be another way. On a whim and Kai from RGP coming to a n AIM meeting I decided to give them a try. Wow what a difference they made me realize it wasn’t me I hadn’t been given a fighting chance. I am happy to say things are looking up and hopefully I will be to a functioning adult. Thank you RGP and all your staff for making this an happy ending/new beginning.” -James Grace”

Soon after …
“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Finally after 2 plus years and another prosthetic company that will remain nameless. I have a socket that fits right and feels right. I must be honest I was seriously starting to believe that walking was not in my future. Although I have guarded optimism, I have optimism non the less. Now I can see a future without a cane, could it really be? Happy holidays to the entire RGP family Tom jr./sr., Pat, Mike, Kai, Debbie, Carla and of course to all the tech’s/magicians! Each one of you has made my experience at RGP very pleasant. I am looking forward to the new year bring on 2014! Can you say C leg?!!!”

James Grace enjoy’s his time with family and friends. We salute you for your service as a former Peace Officer.